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Highland Express Child Care Program (Latchkey)

The Highland Express Child Care Program is available at Granger, Hinckley and Sharon elementary schools.

Hours are from 6:30-8:45 a.m. and again from 3:25-6 p.m.
Please note that in the event of a 2-hour school delay, there is no AM Latchkey.

Fees (effective 7/18/2022):

  • $11 per session, AM or PM
  • $22 daily rate for both sessions, AM and PM
  • $55 per week per child, AM or PM
  • $110 per week per child, both sessions included

There is also a $35 registration fee. Registration forms are available in each elementary office or from the Latchkey department.

For more information, please call 330-239-1901.

  • Granger: Diane Bloniak
  • Hinckley: Mary Kosman
  • Sharon: Sue Cahlik